At Mama Girl Baking, our premium flavors are made using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients – no artificial flavors or preservatives.

We craft our own fillings like jams and confitures from scratch right in our bakery kitchen.

We source the finest components and blend them to create rich, delicious flavors. From classic favorites to unique combinations, our premium offerings are meant to delight and satisfy.

Indulge in our premium flavor lineup:

The luscious star of our buttercream cakes is our signature buttercream, made from a proprietary recipe that yields an incredibly velvety, not-too-sweet texture.

Choose from our densely flavored buttercake bases like classic buttercake, rich chocolate, fragrant earl grey, and invigorating matcha. The layers are generously filled with our signature buttercream, cream cheese, or white chocolate fillings. Some flavors also feature our self-made fruit jam and confiture fillings. These tempting cakes are then frosted all over with the same velvety buttercream.

We offer a range of design for buttercream cakes, with many featuring our signature hand-piped buttercream flowers made from the very same proprietary recipe buttercream.

Our Premium Flavors 1

Double Chocolate

Made from premium Belgian chocolate – Cacao Barry & Callebaut

Moist chocolate base, dark chocolate ganache filling, rich flavor. Pure indulgence with finest Belgian chocolate.

A chocolate lover’s dream come true.

Our Premium Flavors 3

Classic Buttercake

Golden Churn butter cake with delicious buttercream

This heavenly creation is a melt-in-your-mouth delight. Each slice reveals a light and fluffy cake, perfectly complemented by a delicious buttercream filling. Pure bliss in every bite.

Our Premium Flavors 5

Earl Grey Blueberry

Earl Grey butter cake with white chocolate buttercream & blueberry confiture filling

The citrusy, slightly smoky tea flavor combines with sweet & sour blueberries, offering a sophisticated twist and a refreshing, fruity finish.

Our Premium Flavors 7

Matcha Cream Cheese

Authenthic Japan-imported matcha powder with Philadelphia cream cheese

The earthy bitterness of matcha is beautifully tamed by the smooth cream cheese, creating an exquisite harmony of flavors and a distinctive, creamy mouthfeel.

Our Premium Flavors 9

Victoria Sponge

Buttercake with strawberry confiture filling

A timeless classic. Filled with tangy strawberry jam and light, airy cream. Its delicate crumb and buttery taste harmoniously intertwine, giving you a taste of traditional English tea-time.

Our Premium Flavors 11

Chocolate Hazelnut

Chocolate hazelnut butter cake with dark chocolate ganache. Made from premium Belgian chocolate

The smooth, velvety dark chocolate perfectly complements the nutty undertones of hazelnut, promising a delicious, soft-textured treat that captivates the senses.

For those who find buttercakes with buttercreams too dense and heavy, our fresh cream cakes offer a delightfully light and airy alternative. Our fresh cream cakes have an incredibly silky, whipped texture that coats the palate with rich flavor without being overly cloying or sweet.

Enjoy our Fresh Cream cakes atop fluffy bases of chiffon or sponge cake in unique flavors paired with fruits, tea or floral flavors that’s delightful and refreshing.

Perfect for celebrations when you want to indulge without the overwhelming richness of buttercream and usually comes with simpler and minimalist designs that are crowd favorites!

Our Premium Flavors 13

Rose Lychee

Rose chiffon cake with lychee fillin. Made from real rose powder

Fragrant rose pairs seamlessly with the sweet lychee, delivering a delicate, tantalizing treat with an irresistibly moist and light crumb.

Our Premium Flavors 15

Jasmine Longan

Jasmine tea chiffon cake base with longan filling

The exotic sweetness of longan perfectly complements the subtle jasmine tea aroma, offering a delicately textured, fragrant cake that dances delightfully on the taste buds.

Our Premium Flavors 17

Earl Grey Peach

Earl Grey chiffon cake with peach filling

The fragrant notes of Earl Grey tea intertwine with the sweetness of ripe peaches, delivering a harmonious, subtly sweet treat with a soft, pleasing texture.

Our Premium Flavors 19

Double Hojicha

Hojicha chiffon cake with hojicha-infused cream

The deep, smoky notes of Hojicha permeate this moist, velvety cake, providing a unique and tantalizing experience that will captivate tea lovers.

Our Premium Flavors 21

Chocolate Milo

Chocolate chiffon cake with Milo cream

The robust chocolate notes are elevated by the unique maltiness of Milo, creating a delectably moist cake that is nostalgic yet exciting in every bite.

Our Premium Flavors 23

Honey Lime Osmanthus

Osmanthus chiffon cake with lime curd & Osmanthus cream

The fragrant Osmanthus and rich honey meet the tangy lime, offering an exquisitely layered flavor profile and a tender, moist crumb that lingers pleasantly on the palate.

Our Premium Flavors 25

Chrysanthemum Milk

Chrysanthemum chiffon cake with milky cream filling

The calming chrysanthemum pairs harmoniously with creamy milk, creating a delicately sweet, soft, and fluffy cake that soothes the senses with each bite.