From Journalism to Joyful Baking

From Journalism to Joyful Baking

From the pen to the piping bag, my journey from a journalist to the founder of Mama Girl Baking hasn’t been your typical recipe.

My name is Rubbii Ou, and here’s the tale of how I turned my passion into a sweet profession.

Back in 2013, nestled in the heart of my humble kitchen, I was a home baker trying to perfect the art of custom and designer cakes. Baking began as a casual hobby, something to escape the whirlwind of deadlines and news stories. 

Little did I know that this pastime would soon become the sweetest chapter of my life.

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The Beginning: A Sprinkle of Success

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The Beginning: A Sprinkle of Success

Mama Girl Baking owes its first sprinkle of success to a close friend’s wedding. An order of a batch of cupcakes I baked became the talk of the town. The compliments flowed in, and soon, so did the customers. But this newfound recognition came with its share of trials.

My family, like any concerned kin, was hesitant about my career switch. Leaving a stable profession like journalism to venture into the unpredictable world of baking was admittedly a bold move. 

But my relentless hard work and fervent dedication melted their reservations just as smoothly as chocolate on a double boiler.


Mastering the Craft

The custom cake industry is like a cake itself – layered and crowded with talent.

In 2016, I took another leap by diving into the delicate craft of Korean buttercream flower piping. The hard work paid off when I was certified as a master instructor by the prestigious Korea Cake Association (KCA).

This not only added a feather to my cap, but by 2019, I was entrusted with the responsibility of being the KCA Instructor’s Certification Representative for Malaysia and Singapore.

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Educate, Bake, Celebrate

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Educate, Bake, Celebrate

2017 was another milestone year. I opened the doors to my baking studio in Sri Petaling, creating not just cakes but also an educational space. While my devoted team whipped up delectable cakes in one corner, another corner buzzed with budding bakers, learning the art and craft of cake decoration. 

Our studio also proudly hosts masterclasses by international chefs, sharing their expertise and knowledge with our community.

Expansion & Innovation

Expansion & Innovation

While Mama Girl Baking continued to flourish, 2020 saw the birth of MMG Patisserie.

This brand was my ode to casual desserts, paying homage to the world-famous Medovik honey cakes and our now-famous Choux au Craquelins.

Every bite transports you to Eastern Europe, with its honey-layered goodness and delectable fillings.

2023 brought with it another aromatic venture – De Luscious. Alongside a fellow chef, we brewed a unique idea in our studio’s separate kitchen: alcoholic desserts inspired by cocktails.

Going beyond the conventional mousse and chocolate cakes, De Luscious was our toast to innovation in the saturated alcoholic cake market.

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Our Philosophy & Tribute

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Our Philosophy & Tribute

At the core of Mama Girl Baking is a simple philosophy – to craft memorable experiences. 

Every cake is baked fresh to order, with the finest ingredients, untouched by preservatives or artificial flavorings. 

The name “Mama Girl Baking” isn’t just a brand. 

It’s a tribute to my mother, to the love and support of family, and to the countless customers who’ve let us be a sweet part of their cherished memories.

Step Into My Sweet World

Welcome to Mama Girl Baking – where every cake tells a story.