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Here’s some story behind how i started Mama Girl Baking…

Big thanks to a special person, I started Mama Girl Baking because of her encouragement. During that time, I was still pursuing my career as a reporter in the media industry. Another reason why I started Mama Girl Baking was because I’ve found out that I have a passion in baking.

Mama Girl Baking represents a mama’s girl who have the determination to start a whole new career. Besides the encouragement from my friends and my strong interest in the baking industry, the greatest motivation for me to pursue my new career is to provide a better life for my mother who sacrifices so much for the family. Hence in the current moment, the most important role to me is to earn more income so that my mother can lead a better life.

Mama Girl Baking has been established since 18th October 2013. In the very beginning of my baking business, I received my first order from one of my best friend. The order was a total of 400 cupcakes for her wedding function. I spent 16 hours to prepare the 400 cupcakes with only a family oven, a small mixer and four “12 holes cupcake tray” which currently can be completed in only 3 hours. However, I also faced some complications during the entire process due to the lack of experience. Fortunately, I managed to complete the task with the help of my friends.

Until now, I still remember the moment when I finished decorating the cupcakes, I stared at the cupcakes nervously. After I’ve done the cake order, I was so worried to receive any negative comments because that was the first time I received such huge amount of cake order. Yet, I was also looking forward to know whether my cupcakes were able to catch the attention of the crowd or not at the same time. I was so nervous and emotional on that night, until finally, a guest tried my cupcake and said, “Wow, very nice cake!”. Soon, I gained the confidence and calmed my nerves after a few more guests praised the taste of my cupcakes. From that day onward, many customers contacted me to order cakes for their special moments. In the same month, I’ve received another huge order (600 cupcakes) for a customer’s special occasion. This was quite a high achievement for a novice baker like me.

Til now, Mama Girl Baking managed to complete numerous orders, although it may not be perfect every time, but the cakes were all uniquely designed and specially made to suit every function. I may not be a professional baker, but I am confident to say every single piece of the cake was made with sincere of my heart so that I can share the happiness through every dessert I’ve made. Lastly, I appreciate everyone and everything that make Mama Girl Baking a success.

After many trial and many innovation in my baking industry, I’ve found a new trend in year 2016 which was flower piping. Back in the year of 2016, Korean Flower Piping has became a trend and new hit in the whole baking industry. In that moment, I started to think that I need to find something that can represent Mama Girl Baking. In another saying, when people see this particular thing, they will think of Mama Girl Baking. From that moment, I’ve found how to position myself in this baking industry. Hence, I started to study and do many research on this Flower Piping. Then, I started to learn and discover this special skill (flower piping) and went all the way to Korea for classes and training. After I’ve master the skill, I started my teaching career as a Korean Flower Piping tutor. This was how Mama Girl position itself in this industry.

Mama Girl Baking是我在好朋友鼓励之下开创的小小事业,在这之前我是一位传播业者。

Mama Girl 意指妈妈的女孩,决心离开自己的专业去开创另一番事业除了朋友的鼓励与强烈的兴趣,最大的决心就来自于为了我们家而辛劳多年的妈妈,能够创一番事业,赚钱让妈妈过上好日子,是我现在最想做的事。

Mama Girl Baking20131018号开始营业,接到的第一笔订单是好朋友订的400个婚庆杯子蛋糕,靠着1台家庭式烤箱,1台小型Mixer 以及412 hole cupcake tray, 我用了16个小时完成现在只需3个小时就可以完成的400个杯子蛋糕,过程中也因为缺乏经验,状况连连,终究也在好朋友的协助之下,顺利把蛋糕带到婚宴现场。

摆设完成,我坐在一旁看着蛋糕,心里很不踏实,很怕听到负面批评,但也在期待着会不会有人喜欢我的蛋糕。就这样我一整晚坐立不安,忐忐忑忑,胡思乱想,直到宴会开始,我听见第一位试吃的客人喊出了一句“Very nice cake然后接二连三的有客人称赞我的蛋糕好吃,那一刻我心里才安定下来。


Mama Girl Baking 至今已经接过无数订单,或许不是每一次都能完美呈现,但绝对每一个都是独一无二的蛋糕。我或许不是专业的烘焙师,但绝对是一个用心烘焙,想用甜点让你快乐的人。


感激身边一切的好人好事成就了今天的Mama Girl Baking, 感恩。

Founder - Rubbii Ou

  • The first and only person qualified by KCA (Korea Cake Asscociation) as Korean Flower Master in Malaysia.
  • KCA Examiner of Malaysia & Singapore.
  • Founder of Mama Girl Baking (Since 2013).
  • Started flower piping since 2016.
  • Mama Girl Baking Studio established since year of 2017 with Academy license in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Experienced in training and organize classes.
  • Collaborated brand:
    Breadtalk (Singapore)
    L’mande Patisserie (Kuwait)
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