1. A Personalized Cake Design Experience

At Mama Girl Baking, our talented cake artists are excited to collaborate with you to create a unique, handcrafted cake. Please note that since cake design is a creative process, the final product may slightly differ from images or discussions during the customization process.

2. Cherishing Handcrafted Cakes

Our cakes are lovingly handmade, resulting in slight variances in measurements, colors, and designs. Our cake artists may make adjustments to ensure structural stability or aesthetics, while maintaining the overall design concept. We take pride in our commitment to high-quality standards and the unique charm of our cakes.

3. Appreciating Color Variations

We strive to showcase cake colors accurately, but minor variations may occur due to factors like display output, photography lighting, and monitor settings. Bespoke blending of food dyes, particularly for buttercream flower piping, adds to each cake’s distinct character.

4. Celebrating Artistic Expression

Our cake artists use their creativity and expertise to bring your desired design to life. If you agree to let the cake artist design the cake, please respect their artistic choices. Final designs cannot be changed. If you prefer a specific design, please let us know the details, such as color, design, and types of flowers. Slight variations in design and pattern may occur compared to reference images provided.

5. Embracing Unique Handcrafted Elements

Hand-painted, hand-sculpted, and hand-embellished elements naturally have minor differences, highlighting the distinctive beauty of our handcrafted cakes.

6. Understanding Delicate Decorative Details

Decorative elements such as edible pearls, sugar flowers, or other embellishments may occasionally come loose or fall off the cake. This natural occurrence is a reminder of the handcrafted nature of our cakes.

7. Acknowledging the Customization Process

By using our services, you acknowledge and accept these considerations. Mama Girl Baking may occasionally update these considerations to better serve our customers and enhance your experience.

Thank you for Choosing Mama Girl Baking

We're thrilled to create a unique, handcrafted cake for you to enjoy! If you have any questions or need assistance with your cake customization, our friendly customer service team is here to help. WhatsApp us at +6014-511 5148 or email us at [email protected].

Mama Girl Baking Team