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Your most Exquisite, Elegant looking Mooncake set is finally here! 🔥

传统的 新潮的 这礼盒里全部都有🤩

⚠️ limited to 60 sets only! ⚠️

This set of mooncake comes with 6 different flavours! 一套月饼礼盒有6种不同口味 😍🥮

⭐️ Pu Er Tea 普洱茶 🔥
⭐️ Honey Osmanthus 蜜糖桂花 😱🔥
⭐️ Green Tea 绿茶 🔥
⭐️ Black Sesame 黑芝麻 🔥
⭐️ Salted Egg Yolk Emerald Pandan 单黄金翡翠
⭐️ Salted Egg Yolk White Lotus 单黄白莲蓉

RM128 (80g x 6pcs)


Free 2 pieces of Musang King ice cream Choux (worth RM20) if you pre-order before 15/8/2021! ✨

5/8/2021前预定就送🐱猫山王榴莲冰淇淋泡芙 50gx2(价值 rm20)

🤍 Pick up/ delivery date starts from 11/9/2021. (PRE ORDER BASIS)
🤍 All mooncakes are handmade.
🤍 No preservatives added.

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  1. Shen

    Nice designs

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