Basic Palette Knife Flower Sculpture

Basic Palette Knife Flower Sculpture
基础 课程重点:

Single knife sculpture, control direction of the petals, pressure control, chocolate paste making off, temperature control, tools explanation.


Day 1 : Rose , Leaf, Lilac, Bud 玫瑰,叶子,紫丁香,花苞。
using 4” real cake

Day 2 : Sunflower, sunflower bud, cosmos , stem 太阳花,太阳花苞,波斯菊,花蒂。
using 6” dummy cake

时间 Time:约4个小时/天,总共2天课程 About 4 hours/ per day, total 2 days course
学费 Fees: RM1600
教课老师 Instructor: Ms. Rubbii Ou

– No refund will be given after registration and payment made,  if students is unable to attend the class under special circumstances, reschedule is feasible.
– Cancellation of class :
1 weeks before class – Reschedule is feasible.
2 days before class – No compensation .
*to make up the missed class which is cancelled 2 days before by students,
RM300 will be charged for ingredients fees.
– If the class is cancelled by organizer / instructor,  course fees will be 100% refunded.

– No video / voice recording allowed in the studio and during class.
– Video record only allowed on flower piping demonstration (1 time for each flower demonstration).
– Only students who sign up the class allowed to enter the studio.
– No shoes allowed in the studio, room slipper will be provided.